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Junk Science Daily

It's a widely-believed fact!

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How can it be libelous when they're talking shite?

The idea is to post whatever you find in the course of your Internet rambles or everyday life that constitutes junk science presented to fool people into believing your ideology or con them out of money. General discussion of pseudoscience and related issues - I'm deliberately vague about what that includes - or suggestions for the community are welcome and common threads will be added to the memories section.

In short, this community is about quackery and explotation obfuscated by bad science. If you've spotted something in the media that's just plain misinformed, it might be better posted over at sloppyscience or science_media.

For example, today I got a spam email from these people who explain how their mobile phone "radiation shield" works like this:

The frequency specific "information field" generated from the Safe Cell Tab technology is highly coherent and induces resonance in the electromagnetic field around it, thereby changing the quality of the EMF and bringing it to a new coherent order. The coherent field pattern of the Safe Cell Tab neutralizes the negative life injuring signals of the EMFs and amplifies positive vibrations.

If you wonder why it's called ShampooScience then you've never watched a cosmetics commercial on TV.

I'd like to suggest some (optional, I guess) consistency in formatting:

Start with a hyperlink, if there is one - make the link text the same as the link URL and link directly to the offending page rather than to someone's welcome page.

A snippet of what to expect from the site, like my italicised example above.

Your thoughts, how you stumbled across it, etc.

And maybe an email link so we can easily ask these people, "what the..?"

Hopefully this will make it easier for reading via RSS.

Moderated by moopet, who will probably delete spam posts but otherwise do nothing. If you have a suggestion, give me a shout.