jonamo_cat (jonamo_cat) wrote in shampooscience,

Entangelment of Matter Amplifies Energy Upon Anihilation With Anti-matter?

i hope this is an apropriate place to ask this, i have a question about the mass and gravitational effects of entangeled particles.

Essentialy, i have been led to believe that entangeled particles are the exact same matter, the same mass, occupying different space (premiss), and though what happens to it in one space also effects it in the other space, what happens to the field(s, electromagnetic, gravitational, whatever) that surround it(with it as their source)?

Because it seems to me that this would have an effect of increasing gravity, though not about one specific point, but in general.

Likewise, if the mass at one point was annihalated, by anti-matter, would energy be released at both points?

Would energy then be increased in the universe, or would energy be divided between them? and if that was the case, we could not know how much energy would be released from a matter-antimatter collision because we would not know if the particle was entangeled with some far off matter somewhere else in the universe?

All Serious comments appreciated, and whatever science that negates these issues muchly apreciated.

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