Sisyphus (keyeri) wrote in shampooscience,

NIVEA - My Silhouette

I contacted NIVEA to politely request a peek at the evidence for their product My Silhouette Body Gel-Cream, "the natural Bio-Slim Complex" that "leads to a reduction of up to 3cm on targeted body parts". I asked to see the studies, and also if they could link me to any other information regarding White Tea and Anise extract, which they confidently refer to as "high-performance active ingredients". They said no.

Dear Ms Melville,

Thank you for your email regarding NIVEA Body My Silhouette.

In response to your enquiry, our products are tested using a combination of physical measurement, expert grading and consumer in-use testing to support all claims made. The studies themselves are strictly confidential as this information is useful to our competitors.

I am sorry I cannot be of further help in this instance.

Yours sincerely

The Consumer Relations Team

So... I'm expected to take their word for it? I'm not saying this product doesn't work but I find it completely unacceptable that their methods aren't available. I have no idea how these studies are regulated (if they are). For now, I'll stick to my own method: Not Eating.
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