Binary Decision Maker (moopet) wrote in shampooscience,
Binary Decision Maker

The Psychotronic Money Magnet™ Nano 1.0

We have been selling using this device ourselves for some time now and experienced a massive increase in company income and profits just a few days after the first creation of The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet™.

What I don't understand is why when you look through this guy's feedback you can see so many people have bought these things. Aren't they a joke?

I mean, the Scalar Vector Programming Method™ which we have adopted can raise the subtle energy characteristics and the manifesting capabilities of The Psychotronic Money Magnet™ more than one hundred fold!

It utilises state of the art psychotronic technology.
It's a marble.
I love ebay. It's way better than myspace.
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