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Binary Decision Maker

ebay find: scar healing cream

I came across this item:

HEAL SCARS, STRETCH MARKS, ACNE SCAR, BURNS, KELOIDS linked off the main page on ebay the other day and looked at it out of curiosity.
It makes some interesting claims, and has before-and-after photos that are clearly misleading. Based on the text in the item description I made a couple of queries to the seller:

You make some remarkable claims and repeatedly state that your product has been "clinically proven" - could you provide any information or link to a study about this? Thanks.

Their swift reply:
Hi, No the product itself isn't clinicaly proven, we just state it has proven results... which is quite obvious from the feedback and user photo's!



My followup:
You do, however, state:
"I want to give you 4 criteria you absolutely, positively must have in any Scars product you obtain:

1: It must contain 100% pure 'all natural' ingredients

2: It must have Clinically Proven results"

I have no idea of your reasoning for point (1), but if your product isn't clinically proven, aren't you suggesting people shouldn't buy it in point (2)?

They haven't replied this time. Any thoughts?
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