jonantoinesmith (jonantoinesmith) wrote in shampooscience,

New 'Biophsics Center' opens in Rochester, MI

Our local paper, apparently trying to generate future ad revenue, ran a puff piece on this new business that just opened on June 21. An online version of the article is here:

They offer services such as ionic foot baths, but the one that I find the most interesting are the 'bioscans' that can be used to diagnose distortions in the 'person's quantum field'. This will apparently enable them to recommend which 'infoceuticals' (!) they need to sell you as well as treatments in their Novalite 3000 machine which uses light projected through gemstones to provide 'corrective frequencies' to one's quantum biofield. Perhaps if their business model would employ QLM - quantum level marketing, they would really be successful.

The business has a web site at
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