Binary Decision Maker (moopet) wrote in shampooscience,
Binary Decision Maker

The Psychotronic Money Magnet™ Nano 1.0

We have been selling using this device ourselves for some time now and experienced a massive increase in company income and profits just a few days after the first creation of The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet™.

What I don't understand is why when you look through this guy's feedback you can see so many people have bought these things. Aren't they a joke?

I mean, the Scalar Vector Programming Method™ which we have adopted can raise the subtle energy characteristics and the manifesting capabilities of The Psychotronic Money Magnet™ more than one hundred fold!

It utilises state of the art psychotronic technology.
It's a marble.
I love ebay. It's way better than myspace.
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Hahaha. "Ultra Advanced".
I used to sell marbles on ebay...

Mine were bigger, and I had different colours.

Wish i'd thought of charging £50 each for them.


Linky to one of my Marbles. In case anyone was interested. I'd be glad to supply them to anyone who wants to test them for Orgone energy or other Pseudoscientific Juju.

Just send $80 or less plus shipping and I will send you one.

I GUARANTEE that the UNSEEN FORCES of spacetime(1) will act upon it 24 hours a day 7 days a week.... SCIENTIFICLY PROVEN ELECTROMAGNETIC RAYS will REFRACT RIGHT THROUGH(2) the 100% glass sphere with the exception of those WAVELENGTHS that are reflected AWAY FROM YOUR BODY!

This wonder of science can be supplied with an optional protective casing, hand crafted from 5356 Aluminium (an alloy with well documented(3) properties)

Or your money back!

1) Gravity, Entropy... AND MANY MORE!
2) There may be some EM absorbtion but the effects are of trivial importance
What's your icon from?
It's 'The Scotsman' the only recurring character besides Aku in 'Samurai Jack'

Oh man. Shit like this makes me wish I was wayyyy less scrupulous, because I would have NO MONEY PROBLEMS myself, for the rest of my life, due to selling people stupid shit like this.